Are the followers I gain real?

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not sell you fake followers. We’ve help you see real, targeted growth with genuine, active followers – so yes, your followers are real.

Will I lose my followers if I stop using your service?

Absolutely not! The followers you gain as a result of using Instagain are real and follow you because they are genuinely interested in your account. They will not disappear when you stop using Instagain.

Can I use my Instagram account while using Instagain?

Yes, you can use your Instagram account as our normally would while using Instagain.

However, Instagain works hard to ensure your account is performing the necessary actions to maximise your growth. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your own engagement (liking a lot) to a minimum, allowing our service to maintain a safe level or engagement for you.

How does the system speed work?

Instagain comes with different speed options, and each option has the maximum function it can perform daily.

Below is a breakdown of how speed works:

  • Very Slow – 24 Requests Daily
  • Slow – 48 Requests Daily
  • Medium – 72 Requests Daily
  • Fast – 96 Requests Daily
  • Very Fast – 120 Requests Daily
  • Auto (From Very Slow to Fast)

Note that each of the tools is independent of one another. Meaning you can set to Auto Follow and also run unfollow at the same time.

However, we advise strongly against going too fast to avoid putting your account at risk.

Why can't I auto repeat my posts?

We disabled Auto-repeat function because it places your Instagram account at risk. If you need to repeat a Post, kindly save the caption and you can always re-use.

And we strongly advise changing of Caption or Images when repeating posts.

I have multiple Instagram accounts. Can I use all of them?

Yes. We have custom plans that can house up to 100 accounts. Kindly email us your need and we’ll get in touch with you with other options available.